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Behind the scenes of the simple, easy to use Remesh platform, is a lot of complex math that takes the group's responses and votes and determines the best answer to display.

Remesh is used by a variety of fortune 100 companies. governments, universities, and nonprofits.

If you are the organization or individual holding the conversation with a group, you will be provided with a username and password to a dashboard. If you are a participant, you will access the conversation through a custom link.

We are partnered with companies that recruit, screen, and incentivize participants for market research. If you are seeking this service we are happy to handle that for you! If you already have a group of participants, for example, employees within your company, then we can accommodate any type of existing group.

A moderator is the individual leading the conversation.

We have an ever-growing roster of fully-trained professional moderators around the world that we can connect you with. We are also happy to train any moderator you choose, from freelance to your colleagues to moderate.

Remesh works in any language and if we don't currently have our UI/UX translated, it takes 3-5 days to get that back from our translation provider. In that time we can recruit, work on the discussion guide, etc. We're currently in Spanish, French, Portuguese (for Brazil) and both simplified and traditional Chinese.

Remesh for Participants
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You will receive a link via email roughly 2 hours before the session begins.

There are free text questions and poll questions.

You will have between 30 seconds and 5 minutes depending on the question. A live timer will be shown with each question so you will know exactly how much time you have.

You may see the most popular answer to the question after the time allotted for the question runs out. This is an optional setting for the moderator leading the conversation.

We ask that you answer every question, but understand that you may fail to answer in the allotted time. You need to answer at least 2/3 of the total questions to earn your incentive.

By voting on the answers of other participants you are providing valuable data that ultimately shows the popularity of each answer, and consensus amongst the group on the popularity of that answer. This unique element of the Remesh platform gives a group of people the ability to convey the most commonly held opinion among them.

There is a "can't decide" button that then gives the option of, "don't agree with either" or "these are too similar."

Remesh for Moderators
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Login to your account. On your home page, there is a link to create a conversation. Follow the five easy steps to create a conversation, and voila! You've scheduled your first Remesh conversation.

Remesh conversations can last as long as you need them too, but to insure an engaged group, we suggest keeping conversations to a manageable 20-60 minute window of time. This allows enough time for people to join, and then answer a good number of questions before the time is up.

Not to worry! The conversation will stay live, and you will have full moderator functionality until you click the "end conversation" button on the bottom left of the screen.

You can add questions and content to a discussion guide before the conversation takes place. During the conversation you will then have the ability to select from that pre loaded guide during the live conversation. When moderating, you will have the option to select from the discussion guide, or add questions in real time.

These are single punch questions asked of every participant before they enter the conversation. You will be able to filter and segment your data by the answers to these questions. For example, you will be able to filter results to see responses from only men, or only women.

There is no limit to how many questions you can ask, but we recommend that you limit it to a number that will not exhaust the participant.

30 is the lowest number that will yield a valuable data set. There is no limit on the number that the platform can support, but we recommend staying at or below 400.

No, but the image section allows you to showcase your brand and engage your participants with a bold graphic.

The maximum size is 5 megabytes. Images can be in GIF, PNG, and JPEG format and should be in landscape rather than portrait orientation.

Yes! You can re-load and content that has already been sent to the group by click the load button again.

If you are using your own sample, you will be responsible for sharing the participant access link with the group. After creating a Remesh conversation, you will be provided with two links. Copy and paste the link provided for the participants side and share with colleagues, friends, and customers via email, chat, calendar invite, text, or social media.

We ask our sample providers to recruit 3 times the desired sample size. Remesh conversations are live events, and over recruiting is essential to ensuring that the correct sample size is available to participate during the specified window of time.

$40 per person per session.

The platform is web based, so participants can access it on any device that has internet access.

Yes. When you create your Remesh conversation, the start date and time will automatically populate with the current date and time. You can change the ending date and time to best fit what you want to discuss during your conversation.

At this time we do not have that feature, but it is on our product roadmap!

1. The "Speak" function allows you to introduce the Remesh conversation, give a little bit of background, and provide supporting information.
2. The "Ask" function, allows the moderator to pose a question or set the stage for discussion, allow them to choose a time limit for the responses, and open the floor for the group to participate.
3. The "Poll" questions allows you to ask a close ended poll question.
4. The "Media" option allows you to display images or video in the conversation.

30 seconds to 5 minutes. You will select the time allotted for each question in your discussion guide.

1 Minute: Perfect for questions where you want participants to choose from a small set of options.
2 Minutes: Tends to be a good fit for most questions, with plenty of time for short responses. 4 Minutes: Questions requiring a little bit of additional thought or a lengthier response. 15 Minutes: If you are using Remesh with a large group on social media, at a conference, or are looking for a longer response.

1. Respond to "Ask" questions with free for text. After responding, they will be presented with pairs of answers from other participants and asked to select the one they agree with most. They will be presented with pairs to vote on until the time for that question runs out.
2. Respond to "Poll" questions with one selection.

This will depend on the time allotted for the question, but typically between 10 and 20.

The poll questions are simple multiple choice questions and do not launch the binary/pair-choice exercise. While they stand alone they become additional segmentation variables to be used to cut the rest of the data for the entire conversation.

Participants can see the results to each free text question and poll after it is completed. By letting them see how their answer compared with the most popular, it keeps them interested and engaged. If you prefer that participants not see the answers, this can be turned off.

Yes, there is a cancel option that will show up above the question once it is asked.

At this time it can only be shown in the conversation, but we have this on our product roadmap!

Though not part of our out of the box solution, I think we have a couple of different ways to censor wording for you. First, we have a profanity filter in place that will not allow participants to submit certain listed words so I can see about creating a special filter just for your clients. Second, we can go in and delete certain identified words after the conversion is over.

Since some respondents may type out the semantically similar responses. We provide NLP software that reduces this natural redundancy, and has an adjustable sensitivity.

Your participation has been recorded and will be sent to the panel provider who will pay you your promised incentive. You can now close the window to end the conversation.

Yes! See the results of your Remesh conversations by logging into your account and choosing the conversation you want to view. Copy and paste the moderator link into your web browser, and it will take you to the past conversation. Soon you will be able to export Remesh conversation transcripts and data.

Yes! Once you click "end conversation" both of these excel files will be available for export from within the conversation.

Popularity reflects the average opinion of the group.

Consensus is the deviation from the average, or how much the group agrees with the popularity score.

When you use the filtering, "All" means you filter to the group, but the list includes that group's opinion on all of the responses, not just the one from the filtered group. Segment means it filters down to only the responses given by that filtered group

It takes the total list of ranked verbatims and starts to hide verbatims that have similar meaning to other verbatims within the list. @ 0% = no reduction. @ 10% = verbatims that have the exact same wording will only appear once. @ 20-40% = verbatims that have same meaning will only show up once. @ 40%-70% = verbatims that have similar meanings will only show up once . 70%+ verbatims that are conceptually the same will only show up once. This is all done by NLP and word2vec technology which is imperfect but allows you to understand what (major) themes are coming through from the group without having to read 100+ responses.

A unique Remesh participant ID is based on a browser cookie. If a participant opens the session in a new browser, then the platform will recognize them as a new participant and create a duplicate value for them in the participant data.

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