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Case Study

Customer Preferences, Market Risk Discovered In Real-time.

The brand produces laundry detergents and washing powders. The detergent offers innovative solutions to every-day household challenges.


Established Brand Perception

Validated Internal Observations

Shortened Go-To Market Process


The brand recognized an opportunity for market expansion in a fast growing LATAM market, which is traditionally dominated by local producers of a particular type of detergent unique to the market. The brand set out to determine whether customers would purchase a premium solution in a price-sensitive market navigated by practical, need-based buyers.

“The global detergent brand was able to shorten their go-to-market process by 2 months.”


Consumer Packaged Goods


Market Penetration



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During a 90-minute Remesh session with 100 participants identifying as category buyers, the brand explored the needs and wants of potential customers, including concepts like visual signals of quality, importance of scent, packaging, iconography, and brand associations.


The brand was able to establish potential brand equity risks and collect insights into the needs and preferences of the consumer, enabling them to make the decision to push their product to market. Using Remesh, they were able to shave off two months of their go-to-market process.