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Case Study

Open Conversations That Lead to Truth

A large technology firm wants to make sure it is socially aware and inclusive so they empower their diversity and inclusion (D&I) team to engage with employees to better understand opportunities for improvement.


Safe Space for Employees

Rich Employee Feedback

Areas for Improvement Revealed


A global D&I team at a large technology corporation is responsible for keeping a pulse on the sentiment of harassment and bullying globally. More deeply, they needed to empower their employees to open a dialogue about harassment in the workplace, and speak truthfully about past experiences. Unfortunately, due to the nature their typical methods of gathering feedback - focus groups, surveys, and internal websites - employees were not given a safe, healthy and comfortable forum to engage in truthful conversation, about the difficult topic.

“A large technology firm used Remesh in order to collect feedback from employees on sensitive issues- the platform created an anonymous, safe space for employees.”




Diversity and Inclusion




Remesh offered a safe, anonymous place for employees across the organization to engage in discourse, and tell true stories about their experiences with harassment and bullying, without fear of being pointed out by peers. Remesh offers an employee experience that is unbiased of level, gender, and geography, and enables the richness of real impartial and democratic feedback from all.


Due to the upfront nature of feedback and the rich stories uncovered from the company’s global employee-base, the D&I team was able to understand what kinds of harassment their employees were facing. As a result of the demographic filters and deep analytical capabilities of the Remesh platform, the D&I organization was also able to pinpoint certain areas of the organization where bullying was more prevalent - leading to targeted campaigns and programming to empower those areas to improve.