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Case Study

Real-time Insights Uncover Customers Priorities

A CPG company that produces bath tissue, paper napkins, and other paper products with an eye on customer delight and needs.


Fast Qualitative Data

Scalable Focus Group

Actionable Category Insight


With a self-conscious eye on one of its most important distribution channels, the CPG brand recognized an increasingly competitive landscape and its decreasing market share in that area.

“The global CPG brand use Remesh to engage directly with 200 consumers at once, allowing them to understand customer preferences for their brand and for private label competitors.”


Consumer Packaged Goods


Brand Perception




Under normal circumstances, the team would have gathered a sample of brand and private label shoppers and moderated a focus group. Instead, they used Remesh to collect multiple types of data with a focus on brand image, perception of value, and category needs and wants. During a Remesh session with 200 participants, the brand gathered both qualitative and quantitative insight into customer preferences for the brand and for private label competitors.


The brand obtained qualitative feedback that went further than traditional qualitative research, giving them more confidence they could address channel needs.