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Case Study

Real-time Truth Drives Change

A large financial services institution used Remesh to gather and understand feedback about their global gender equality initiative.


Reached a Global Workforce

Gave Employees a Voice

Improved Gender Equality Initiative


A Global D&I team at a large financial services institution oversees groups of “champions” for diversity-focused affinity groups. Thousands of these champions across the global organization have taken pledges to support gender equality. In order to understand the effectiveness of this initiative on driving gender equality as an organization, the D&I leaders need to understand what types of pledges people made, what the impact of making those pledges has been, and how the organization should think about gender equality moving forward. Prior to Remesh, our client was using email, surveys, web conferencing, community sites, chat rooms, in-person events and more in order to engage these champions around the world. With the disparate tools used for gathering feedback, there was no unified way to collect and synthesize data, leading to a lot of insights left on the table, unused. Additionally, with the labor-intensive data collection methods, it was easier for the D&I team to reach out to the same group of respondents over and over, skewing their data to this singular respondent group.

“A Global Diversity and Inclusion team used Remesh to capture the voices of a worldwide workforce in order to understand certain initiatives to focus on that would better foster and inclusive culture.”




Employee Experience


Gender Equality


Remesh replaced the traditional methods of gathering a sample of 12,000 employees’ feedback from their global gender equality champions, and delivered a mass qualitative, AI-powered solution that was agile, affordable, and scalable. Our client was able to reach their global audience, on a much larger scale than ever before.


Being a tool that is unbiased of level, gender, and location, Remesh gives all 12,000 “gender equality champions” a voice, and an equal seat at the table, no matter who they are, breaking down barriers and truly embracing intersectionality & inclusion as an organization. With the insights gained, the D&I team was able to understand the barriers to change, and define which activities the champions should focus on in 2019 to continue fostering an inclusive culture.