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Case Study

Real-time Truth Drives Innovation

C Space is a global customer agency that builds customers into the ways companies work. With some of the world’s best-known brands, C Space delivers on Customer Inspired Growth. By building ongoing relationships with customers, brands can stay relevant, deliver superior experiences, and build loyalty.


Accelerated Decision Making

Identified Key Insights

Selected Concepts for Market


C Space was looking to conduct an effective two-day innovation sprint with one of their global clients, a major personal care products manufacturer. C Space needed a way to create a methodology for ideating possible new products that would swiftly deliver actionable results.

“With Remesh, we get both—a means of quantifying qualitative input, and along the way, creating a participant experience that’s engaging, fast-paced, and fun.
- Julie Wittes Schlack, Sr. VP, Innovation and Design”

Innovation Process Duration

2 Days


Consumer Packaged Goods



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Using Remesh, C Space was able to get immediate qualitative feedback from hundreds of consumers, which would normally have taken months to do with traditional focus groups. The amount of data generated in the one-hour Remesh conversation would normally take weeks to analyze, but the artificial intelligence and natural language processing components of the Remesh platform helped C Space to quickly identify key insights.


After implementing Remesh into their client’s creative process, C Space was able to deliver clear, actionable results to workshop participants, who could then focus on refinement and optimization of the best-performing concepts. The whole process from ideation to selection of top-performing concepts, took two days, allowing C Space’s CPG client to greatly speed up their innovation cycle, while also increasing the quality of their product decisions.