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Case Study

Real-time Truth drives Go-To-Market Strategy

A global technology company with a large market share wants to make sure it can stay competitive in a changing market and an evolving competitive landscape.


Engaged Hard-to-Reach Audience

Capture Elusive Insights

Improved Go-To-Market Strategy


A global technology company found itself in a highly competitive market with declining market share. New and agile technology providers were threatening the company’s existing client base and making it more difficult for the company to build lasting and successful business relationships. The company was out of touch with the major inhibitors and motivators of individual decision-makers responsible for technology procurement. The estimated time to conduct the necessary research and derive actionable insights was several months due to the difficulty of engaging this hard to reach audience.

“A global technology company worked with a B2B consulting firm to use Remesh to engage with their hard-to-reach market to capture insights that impacted their current go-to-market strategy.”




Persona Development


B2B IT Decision Makers


The global technology leader partnered with a specialized B2B consulting firm to engage a difficult to reach audience of IT decision makers. The consulting firm turned to Remesh to quickly reach and engage the target audience. A mix of 70 current customers and non-customers participated in a 60 minute Remesh conversation, highlighting their needs, challenges, and their ideal buying process.


Within hours of the completed conversation, the consultant used the insights to recommend changes to the go-to-market strategy that would address the key challenges facing the technology company. The changes enabled the company to develop patterns of behavior that would reverse the declining market share and build lasting success.