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Case Study

Sense and Sensibility: A story of new flavor ideation & concept innovation

Takasago has developed flavors and fragrances for some of the world’s most successful manufacturers of foods, beverages, fine fragrances, home and personal care products. Takasago utilizes its technologies and global network to develop high-quality and innovative products that contribute to cultural and social progress.


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Agile, Speedy Time to Data


In search of innovative flavor and product concept ideas, Takasago wanted to generate new ideas directly with customers. The challenge was that participants in traditional studies tended to provide ideas that were top of mind and close to those already in the marketplace. Takasago was highly sensitive to the issue of creativity in idea generation, since CPG clients often ask flavor suppliers to help identify new flavor and product ideas. Additionally, this use case was unusual and innovative because flavor/taste testing engages a sense that is not typically suited for a virtual setting.

“The Remesh platform is a more cost effective way to engage consumers and gain faster, deeper insights than other traditional approaches. It’s also an innovative approach to ideate new flavor concepts in a virtual setting. ”




USD $1.51 Billion


27 Countries




Takasago used Remesh to engage consumers in a brainstorm session to generate new and unique flavor and product ideas. The session probed 100 U.S. consumers on recent food and beverage flavor trends. In contrast to a traditional online survey, Remesh allowed Takasago to clarify participant responses, probe for deeper ideas, and co-create stronger concepts alongside their customers – all in real-time. Remesh enabled Takasago to gauge not only individual consumer responses, but group feedback as well. This information was essential to the brainstorm session, because consumers in a group react and build upon one another’s input, rather than referencing what they are familiar with. Additionally, consumers in this online setting are able to simulate organic digital discovery, rather than reacting to new concepts in a silo.


Takasago was also able to access live results during the session, which enabled a debrief immediately after the completed conversation and allowed the team to quickly develop action items. The session was also a cost-effective way to engage with consumers, and gain deeper and faster insights than other traditional qualitative and quantitative research approaches. Takasago found the approach to be agile and were able to activate insights in 90 minutes, instead of waiting 1 to 2 weeks for a research report. In contrast to a traditional online survey, Remesh allowed Takasago to engage with consumers in real-time and break down consumer feedback silos, which encouraged organic digital discovery and stimulated consumer creativity by asking for a reaction rather than a finished concept. Ultimately, the insights gathered from Remesh helped Takasago to broaden the engagement with new & existing customers and open new business opportunities.