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Case Study

Real-Time Insights That Shape the Consumer Experience

NASCAR had just changed the format of their biggest race, the Daytona 500, and wanted to understand how the modifications affect their viewers’ experiences.


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During a Remesh conversation with 200+ super-fans, NASCAR leveraged A.I. to conduct research via livestream and came directly out of the session with insights about their viewers’ values. NASCAR was eager for feedback about how changes to their race structure format, from one race to three stages of races, affected their viewers. They wanted to know how they might enhance their viewer’s experience, and what made participants excited to watch the race.

“NASCAR engaged with 250 fans while they watched the new race format in real-time, allowing NASCAR to understand customer feedback and sentiment instantly.”


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NASCAR recruited 200+ super-fans from their fanbase to participate in a 4.5 hour Remesh conversation during the Daytona 500. The team engaged with participants every 15 minutes to ask about their experience, thoughts, and reactions to the event and advertisements, including how they felt about crashes and what makes for a good race. A few key insights from the conversation: - Fans remained positively engaged in the event even if their favorite drivers lost in earlier stages. - Viewers preferred side-by-side ads.


NASCAR finished both the event and the conversation with actionable insights to further boost the viewer’s experience. The team was also happy to validate that the change in race structure did not negatively affect race excitement or consumption.