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Case Study

Unlocking Electric Insights for a Traditional Energy Giant

Bellomy is a market intelligence agency that identifies strategic business implications for clients through non-traditional insights like behavioral and operational data.


Non-traditional Insights

Unexpected Verbatims

Quick Time to Insight


Bellomy's client, a well-known utilities company, wanted to establish a stronger understanding of customer needs, service preferences, and priorities. The company wanted a faster alternative to insight than their traditional research methods.

“Bellomy used Remesh's platform to help the utilities company to access the voice of the customer - ultimately uncovering feedback that they didn't expect.”




Customer Feedback




Bellomy selected Remesh to provide validation for the utility company’s theories and questions in minutes, not hours or weeks. The company felt that Remesh took the inherent bias and extended timeline out of qualitative analysis by providing quick, but directional and quantifiable results. Remesh allowed access to more accurate, non-biased, and faster verbatim responses than previously used tools. Using Remesh, the company was able to accurately assign quantitative values to qualitative research for the first time.


The utility company was surprised to find that customers were relatively disinterested with price, especially since most research suggests that this is a primary customer concern in the industry. Instead, the utility company found that customers valued respect, community presence, and personalized experience during their exchanges with the company.