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Case Study

Using Co-Creation for Better Product Positioning

The brand offers a diverse line of grooming products, including razors, shaving aids, and styling products.


Quick Insights

Competitive Feedback

Scalable Brainstorming


The brand wanted to better understand why Generation Z and Millennials favor subscription-based models over traditional purchasing options. The brand also wanted to differentiate each product in their diverse line of offerings and collect external feedback to do so.

“The shaving brand was able to generate a wide breadth of curated creative copy ideas for Gen Z and Millennials from global copywriters in 90 minutes.”


Consumer Packaged Goods


Product Positioning


90 minutes


Instead of relying solely on an internal brainstorm session, the brand ran a 90-minute Remesh session with a small group of freelance copywriters and other experts with experience crafting messages for Gen Z and Millennial audiences. During the session, they showed the copywriters an image as well as described a primary feature, and a primary benefit. Each participant wrote lines of copy for the product, effectively scaling the brainstorm session beyond the board room.


The brand used Remesh as a co-creation platform, allowing them to quickly capture a wide breadth and large quantity of creative copy ideas that would be impossible to nurture in-house in the same 90 minute block of time.