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Happy customers start with better understanding.

Understand your customers in order to craft a customer experience that reduces churn, increases engagement, and boosts their happiness.


Agile customer engagement

Remesh can be introduced at any phase within the customer life cycle to learn from your customers how to improve their experience.

  • 1

    Define Goals


    Define Goals

    Define your goal and topic of your Remesh session with customers.

  • 2

    Engage Customers


    Engage Customers

    Engage in live conversation with up to 1000 participants - all submitting open-ended responses at once.

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    Discover Customer Truths


    Discover Customer Truths

    Draw out insights in minutes as our AI understands, analyzes, and segments data in dashboards in real-time.


"With Remesh, we get both—a means of quantifying qualitative input, and along the way, creating a participant experience that’s engaging, fast-paced, and fun."

Julie Wittes Schlack, Sr. VP, Innovation and Design

"Remesh offers an exciting experience to our clients, who can log into the platform and observe the discussion unfold live. This lets us replicate the thrill and involvement of focus groups, without travel, time or costs."

Barbara du Perron, Director, Global Knowledge Innovation Consulting

Make Your Customer Feel Heard (Because They Will Be)

An NPS score might tell you how your customers feel about your company, but you'll be left wondering why. Hear exactly what your customers think - at scale - with Remesh's open-ended questions in real-time, all segmented with AI so you can quickly understand their feedback.

Better Tools

Dig deeper with
intuitive dashboards

Your customers are like snowflakes- they are all unique. However, you can find trends and commonalities across them using Remesh's automated data dashboards that group concepts and let you dig into demographics and other customizable filters.

Better Process

You Don't Need Yoga to Be Agile

Gauging customer satisfaction should be continuous, quick, and iterative. With Remesh's Truth Discovery Platform, you can run customer feedback sessions on the fly and constantly incorporate your data into your customer experience strategy.

Better Decisions

Make Your Organization Customer-Centric

Some people have their conscious to listen to, you can have your customers. Whether you're trying to reduce churn, boost loyalty, or understand low customer engagement, Remesh enables you to connect directly with your customers, engage, collect crucial data, and generate actionable findings- in hours.

Create a customer experience that sticks