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Better campaigns start with better understanding.

Understand your consumers to craft ads, messaging, and a brand that resonates.

Powerful Campaigns

Agile brand development

Remesh can be introduced in all phases of marketing campaign and brand development to create the message that speaks to your customers.

  • 1

    Define Goal


    Define Goal

    Define the goal and topic of your Remesh session with customers, prospects, or stakeholders.

  • 2

    Test Ads and Messaging


    Test Ads and Messaging

    Engage in live conversation with up to 1,000 participants as they submit their open-ended and poll responses at once.

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    Unlock Market Insights


    Unlock Market Insights

    Draw out customer thoughts and opinions in minutes as our AI-powered algorithm analyzes and segments participant responses in real-time.


"With Remesh, we get both—a means of quantifying qualitative input, and along the way, creating a participant experience that’s engaging, fast-paced, and fun."

Julie Wittes Schlack, Sr. VP, Innovation and Design

"Remesh offers an exciting experience to our clients, who can log into the platform and observe the discussion unfold live. This lets us replicate the thrill and involvement of focus groups, without travel, time or costs."

Barbara du Perron, Director, Global Knowledge Innovation Consulting

Say goodbye to bias

Choosing between ads, messaging and creative can be subjective. Remove your bias and truly understand your target market by letting them share their own opinion - in their own words, and at scale.


An agile conversation with 1,000 of your customers

Use Remesh to have a real-time conversation at scale with customers. Leveraging our AI-powered algorithm, responses are quickly analyzed in real-time. Change the flow of the conversation and ask questions on the fly to dig deeper into unexpected topics that surface.

Better Segmentation

Understand your personas

Easily dive into the different segments of your participants - so you can slice and dice the data to better understand who your customers are.


Hear the voice of the customer loud and clear

Get answers straight from the people who matter most - your customers. Remesh lets you hear what your customers think about your messaging, and allows you to gain deep, qualitative insights from them, at scale.

Create your killer campaigns

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