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The Remesh platform uses machine learning to understand and engage groups of people with real-time conversation.

This is achieved by allowing a single moderator to converse with a group as if they were a single intelligence. Beyond inline conversation, the group’s opinion on every response is collected, analyzed, and presented in real time.

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Focus Groups
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"What does not get measured gets missed." Learn more from your audience with Remesh.

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Deep qualitative understanding
Statistically significant quantitative insights

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The Remesh Platform enables qualitative research to be conducted at a quantitative scale. The flexibility and insights of a conversation can finally be measured and applied. Our real-time virtual focus groups use Artificial Intelligence to surface deeper insights at speeds that have never been possible.  

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From the Team

Mapping Out the Nonconscious to Understand Conscious Consumer Decisions

By Andrew Konya on March 31, 2017

Understanding the Results:
The 2016 United States Presidential Election

By Team Remesh on December 02, 2016
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