Our Product

The Remesh platform uses machine learning to understand and engage groups of people with real-time conversation. This is achieved by allowing a single moderator to converse with a group as if they were a single intelligence. Beyond inline conversation, the group’s opinion on every response is collected, analyzed, and presented in real time.

Conversation Reimagined

Remesh brings the most natural and efficient form of communication -- live conversation -- to groups of any size. For a moderator, the experience is just like chatting with a single person, yet insights are obtained for an entire group. For participants, the chat-based environment is natural and engaging from both mobile and desktop devices.

Powerful Analytics

Remesh puts the power of a team of data scientists using cutting edge techniques at your fingertips. With a single click, you can do everything from qualitative cross tabs to advanced attitudinal and demographic segmentation. Thanks to our powerful machine learning algorithms, you can gain clear insights from thousands of open ended answers in minutes.

Engaging Participation

Group participation is a huge pain-point for every moderator. We know that getting people to participate in anything is challenging. That is why we have designed Remesh from the ground up to deliver an engaging and enjoyable experience people love. Participants call Remesh everything from "addictive and fun" to "empowering" - and that is something we are truly proud of.

Market Research

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The marketing industry is moving towards faster, data-driven decision making.

Remesh lets market researchers meet this demand by enabling conversations with infinitely scalable groups of consumers or stakeholders which provide actionable insights supported by robust analytics, all in real-time.

Use Cases:

  • Advertising positioning and optimization

  • Consumer behavior research

  • New product development research

  • Brand and product feedback

Corporate Communication

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There are valuable ideas and opinions that your organization overlooks.

Remesh helps companies engage their employees in real, inclusive conversations that tap into the collective intelligence of their employees in ways never before possible.

Use Cases:

  • Bridging communication gap between employees and management

  • Augmenting town halls and meetings

  • Sourcing insights for rapid responses

  • Problem solving through collective intelligence

Customer Engagement

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Loyal customers are the lifeblood of your company.

Remesh enables these customers to develop a meaningful relationship with your brand and feel like their opinions and thoughts matter.

Use Cases:

  • Direct communication with company leadership

  • Crowdsourcing open innovation

  • Fostering a community of evangelist customers

Real-Time Insights

Make the most out of every conversation. Real time insights allow you to move the group discussion in the right direction. And because it’s actual conversation, those back and forth exchanges can quickly lead to deep insights.

Scalable Participation

No one will be lost in the crowd. Unlike typical group chats, conversations on Remesh only get better with more participants. So, engaging and understanding hundreds or thousands of people is as easy as a conversation with just one.

Automated Analysis

Advanced analysis typically done by data scientists over the course of days or weeks is done instantly and automatically by our stack of machine learning algorithms. This saves time and money while allowing Remesh users to capitalize on immediate opportunities.

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