Let's Make Magic Together

Our mission is to give humanity a representative voice by creating the world's most trustworthy approach to engaging and understanding massive groups of people in real-time.


Who Are We

We are a highly skilled team with backgrounds ranging from AI and self-driving cars to pure math and politics. We believe that if we get a little closer to understanding each other, the world will be a better place. Come, join us on this journey as we bring together AI and a next-gen product to help people understand people (and have fun while we're doing it!).

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What We Value

Our philosophy is to empower exceptional people to coordinate at scale in executing the mission.

This philosophy drives our values: 

🎢 Freedom    🏈 Teamwork

🤗 Kindness    🤝 Communication

🌎 Altruism     🚀 Innovation Mindset


Why Work With Us

We are a team of passionate, excited, intelligent, people with a touch of quirk (ie: we’re fun!).   We have big goals but that’s what drives us- we are constantly finding inspiration in what we do and we love to create, experiment and learn from our failures and sweet, sweet victories.  Remesh is at a pivotal moment of growth- we’re seeking people who want to make their mark, carving their own path where there originally was some form of shrubbery🌿.You will also work in an office in the heart of Manhattan's beautiful Flatiron District and get access to a full enviable snack pantry. 😎

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