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Organize the world’s voice
into Truths.

Remesh's mission is to organize the world's voice into Truths through engaging and understanding populations in real-time and enabling informed action at the speed of conversation.


Access to human truth makes a better world.

Remesh was founded in 2014 with the mission to create a technology that could truly represent the will of the people and amplify their collective voice. As a company, we believe in the power of discovering the Truth which requires engaging, exchanging ideas and having a dialogue with groups of people at a massive scale. Starting conversations that bridge cultural, political, social, economic and geographic divide, ultimately leading to a more unified and less divided world.

The Types of Truths

Employee Truth

Build a more productive workforce through increased employee engagement

Market Truth

Get statistically significant qualitative insights at quantitative scale in real-time

Social Truth

Give the unheard a voice

Media Truth

Understand the future of entertainment, now

Policy Truth

Get to the heart of the issue, without filters or bias


Traditional research
methods come at
quite a price.

By enhancing proven research methodologies with AI, Remesh is able to speed up the time to Truth, making qualitative understanding at scale accessible to citizens, companies, and consultancies alike.

  • 2014 Remesh launched
  • 54 Employees
  • 5 Locations worldwide
  • 1 Pet picture slack channel
  • 10 mil Series A funding
  • 1 Bollywood star
  • 7 Open positions
  • We're hiring!

We are venture-backed
and award winning


Remesh is
redefining research

  • Remesh rakes $10 million in VC backing from General Catalyst

    The fund raise is expected to help Remesh bolster its development and research teams to continue investing in its signature artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

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  • Does AI have the solution to climate change and human trafficking?

    When a company disrupts the traditional approach to AI solutions, it is worthwhile taking note -- especially when the outcome is the betterment of humanity.

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  • The advantage of Artificial Intelligence in market research

    From market research to employee engagement and government relations, how can we truly understand massive groups of people and amplify their collective voice?

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Who We Are

Meet the team
behind Remesh

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  • Andrew Konya CEO, Co-Founder
  • Gary Ellis COO, Co-founder
  • Tim Adams Senior Software Engineer
  • Jordan Bilich Research Scientist
  • Emma Borochoff Director of Marketing
  • Jeff Buzulencia Product Manager
  • Bertram Byam Customer Success Manager
  • Anthony Caputo VP, People Science
  • Chris Collins Software Engineer
  • Paul Dilyard Engineering Manager
  • Simon Drinkwater VP, Operations
  • Noele Emmons Director of Sales
  • Cristian Enriquez Business Executive
  • Charlie Hamilton Developer
  • Ben Hart Product Designer
  • Kathy Le Project Management Manager
  • Liane Longpre Machine Learning Engineer
  • Gabe McElwaine Head of Direct Sales
  • Greg Mitchell Key Account Manager
  • Meghan Moore VP, Delivery
  • Miranda Mu UX Designer
  • Danielle Marie Rissmeyer Director of Project / Vendor Mgmt
  • Dan Reich Software Engineer
  • Robert Schimaneck Customer Success Manager
  • Jillian Stein Key Account Manager
  • Amr Thameen Designer
  • Nicholas Tietz-Sokolsky Senior Software Engineer
  • Mike Varga Data Engineer

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