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Organize the world’s voice
into Truths.

Remesh's mission is to organize the world's voice into Truths through engaging and understanding populations in real-time and enabling informed action at the speed of conversation.


Access to human truth makes a better world.

Remesh was founded in 2014 with the mission to create a technology that could truly represent the will of the people and amplify their collective voice. As a company, we believe in the power of discovering the Truth which requires engaging, exchanging ideas and having a dialogue with groups of people at a massive scale. Starting conversations that bridge cultural, political, social, economic and geographic divide, ultimately leading to a more unified and less divided world.

The Types of Truths

Employee Truth

Build a more productive workforce through increased employee engagement

Market Truth

Get statistically significant qualitative insights at quantitative scale in real-time

Social Truth

Give the unheard a voice

Media Truth

Understand the future of entertainment, now

Policy Truth

Get to the heart of the issue, without filters or bias


Traditional research
methods come at
quite a price.

By enhancing proven research methodologies with AI, Remesh is able to speed up the time to Truth, making qualitative understanding at scale accessible to citizens, companies, and consultancies alike.

  • 2014 Remesh launched
  • 63 Employees
  • 5 Locations worldwide
  • 1 Pet picture slack channel
  • 10 mil Series A
  • 1 Bollywood star
  • 17 Open positions
  • We're hiring!

We are venture-backed
and award winning

Who We Are

Meet the team
behind Remesh

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  • Andrew Konya CEO, Co-Founder
  • Gary Ellis COO, Co-founder
  • Tim Adams Senior Software Engineer
  • Faisal Al Qasimi Software Engineer
  • Jordan Bilich Research Scientist
  • Emma Borochoff Director of Marketing
  • Mike Bruni VP, Engineering
  • Jeff Buzulencia Senior Product Manager
  • Bertram Byam Customer Success Manager
  • Anthony Caputo VP, People Science
  • Jimmy Ching Sales Development Representative
  • Chris Collins Software Engineer
  • Kallie Dadamo Office Manager / Executive Assistant
  • Paul Dilyard Engineering Manager
  • Noele Emmons Account Executive
  • Cristian Enriquez Senior Business Executive
  • Douglas Freeman VP, Sales
  • Oren Friedman Account Executive
  • Shemeeka Greaves Project Manager
  • Charlie Hamilton Software Engineer
  • Nora Hao Senior Business Executive
  • Ben Hart Product Designer
  • Kathy Le Project Manager
  • Liane Longpre Software Engineer
  • Gabe McElwaine Director of Sales
  • Greg Mitchell Account Executive
  • Danielle Marie Rissmeyer Director of Project & Vendor Management
  • Meghan Moore VP, Customer Experience
  • Mike Mostransky Business Executive
  • Miranda Mu UX Designer
  • Patrick Nam Project Manager
  • Chris NeJame Software Engineer In Test
  • Duoc Nguyen Director of People Science
  • James Ong Senior Product Manager
  • Mia Pfluger Customer Success Manager
  • Awonke Phewa Sales Development Representative
  • Dan Reich Software Engineer
  • Rob Rocco Director of Channel Sales
  • Robert Schimaneck Customer Success Manager
  • Kashif Sheikh Revenue Operations Manager
  • Jillian Stein Account Executive
  • Jeffrey Stulmaker Customer Success Manager
  • Tao Tang Senior Product Designer
  • Amr Thameen Designer
  • Nicholas Tietz-Sokolsky Senior Software Engineer
  • David Tuffy VP, Product
  • Mike Varga Data Engineer

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