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Understand your
audience - in minutes.

Remesh allows you to have a live conversation with up to 1,000 people at once. It uses AI to analyze and organize the audience’s responses in real-time, saving you more than 50 hours of work. Make confident, research-driven decisions three times faster.


Your online focus group
at scale for agile research

See how to set up, run, and analyze a live Remesh conversation.


Get started in
a few clicks

Easily set up your conversation and build a custom discussion guide - add open-ended questions, polls, and even images or videos. Our project management team will also work closely with you to ensure you have the target audience you want to speak to.


Have a conversation with up to 1000
people at once

Have a live, online conversation with up to 1,000 of your consumers, employees, or citizens at once. Our AI and NLP segments and analyzes responses as they come in so you can see what's top of mind for your audience and ask smarter questions on the fly.


Find even more insights
after the conversation

With Remesh's suite of post conversation Analysis tools, easily see and explore what topics and themes were most common with your audience across the whole conversation. You can search for specific phrases, group similar or interesting responses together, and export it all in one click.

The Experience

Using Remesh as a...

As a moderator, you can select pre-loaded questions from your discussion guide on the left, or write new questions on the fly in the chat-box. Audience analytics appear as soon as responses stream in!

As a participant, you can answer polls and open-ended questions. After submitting your open-ended response, you’ll engage in two different voting exercises. You won’t be able to access audience analytics, but you will get a snapshot of where your response ranked amongst others.


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