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Multiple Teams.
One Remesh Family.

Our Teams

We work in specialized, agile teams, always with the pursuit of Truth in mind.

  • Community Sample

    Engaging the world in conversation.

  • Customer Success

    Lending an ear to clients and a helpful hand.

  • Engineering

    Building a universal standard of Truth.

  • Marketing

    Sharing our story with the world.

  • People Science

    Bringing out the best in people.

  • Product

    Architecting the solutions our customers will love.

  • Project Management

    Ensuring the moving pieces come together.

  • Research & Development

    Redefining what is possible.

  • Sales

    Sharing our vision with the world.

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Who We Are

Meet the team
behind Remesh


  • Andrew Konya

    CEO, Co-founder

  • Gary Ellis

    COO, Co-founder

  • Steven Adler


Customer Success

  • Meghan Moore

    VP, Customer Experience

  • Bertram Byam Jr.

    Senior Manager Customer Success

  • Robert Schimaneck

    Senior Manager Customer Success

  • Andrew Farquhar

    Customer Success Manager

  • Shay Myrick

    Customer Success Manager

  • Mia Pfluger

    Customer Success Manager

  • Jeffrey Stulmaker

    Customer Success Manager


  • Mike Bruni

    VP, Engineering

  • Faisal Al Qasimi

    Frontend Engineer

  • Jennifer Capasso

    Senior DevOps Engineer

  • Ivy Cheung

    Full Stack

  • Chris Collins

    Frontend Engineer

  • Chris NeJame

    Software Development Engineer in Test

  • Dan Reich

    Lead Backend Engineer

  • Stanley Sarama

    Quality Assurance Manager

  • Bjorn Sayers

    Senior Backend Engineer

  • Andrew Sikowitz

    Backend Engineer

  • Nicholas Tietz-Sokolsky

    Lead Backend Engineer


  • Kumkum Akhouri



  • Ginny Lobel

    VP, Marketing

  • Emma Borochoff

    Associate VP, Marketing

  • George Little

    Marketing Designer

  • Emily Smith

    Content Strategist

People Science

  • Anthony W. Caputo

    VP, People Science

  • Duoc Nguyen

    Director, People Science

  • Kallie Dadamo

    Executive Administrative Specialist

  • Anna Eden

    Tech Recruiting Manager

  • Michelle Williams



  • David Tuffy

    VP, Product

  • James Ong

    VP, Strategic Initiatives

  • Miranda Mu

    Product Designer

  • Tao Tang

    Senior Product Designer

  • Amr Thameen

    Product Designer

Project Management

  • Danielle Rissemeyer

    Director, Project and Vendor Management

  • Kathy Le

    Senior Project Manager

  • Shemeeka Greaves

    Project Manager

  • Hannah Jang

    Project Manager

  • Patrick Nam

    Project Manager


  • Kate Economou

    Senior Qualitative Researcher

  • Alexandra Key

    Qualitative Researcher

Research and Development

  • Paul Dilyard

    Engineering Manager - R&D

  • Charlie Hamilton

    Software Engineer

  • Liane Longpre

    Machine Learning Engineer

  • Mike Varga

    Data Engineer


  • Douglas Freeman

    VP, Sales

  • Kali Berry

    Director, Sales Operations

  • Gabe McElwaine

    Director, Sales

  • Robert Rocco

    Director, Sales

  • Cristian Enriquez

    Lead Business Executive

  • Jillian Stein

    Lead Account Executive

  • Zach Weinberg

    Sales Development Representative Manager

  • Daniel Ben-Atar

    Salesforce Admin

  • Sarah Davis

    Business Executive

  • Lucas DiPiazza

    Sales Development Representative

  • Noele Emmons

    Account Executive

  • Oren Friedman

    Account Executive

  • Byron Henderson

    Sales Development Representative

  • Amy Hrehovcik

    Sales Enablement Manager

  • Chris Keith

    Sales Development Representative

  • Grant Ligon

    Business Executive

  • Alexandra Mendal

    Sales Development Representative

  • Awonke Phewa

    Business Executive

  • Max Scatarzi

    Business Executive

  • Katie Schaffer

    Business Executive

  • Kashif Sheikh

    Manager, Revenue Operations

  • Matthew Sobel

    Business Executive

  • Sean Swensen

    Business Executive