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Use Case

Concept and Ad Testing

As our customers move along in the innovation cycle, they know it’s crucial to bring the voices of their own customers in so they can better understand and iterate on the winning products and ads.  There’s no excuse going to market without having testing it first, so our customers do just that in a matter of hours to produce the ads and products their customers will love.



Real-time Truth for Consumer Insights

Traditional qualitative market research is often too time-consuming and expensive to be used as a scalable method for ad testing and product innovation for global brands. In order to better serve their consumer client brands, Metrixlab needed an innovative, cost-effective and quick solution that could be implemented efficiently on a global level - no small task.


  • Streamlined Research Process

  • Identify Key Insights

  • Speak to Consumers

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“Remesh provides an ideal solution, to provide real-time in-the-moment insight, thus allowing management to actively participate in discussions and immediately apply insights into action.”

Julie Wittes Schlack, Sr. VP, Innovation and Design

Use Case

Product Innovation

At the heart of product ideation is the desire of our customers to deliver the best stories. As an online focus group, Remesh allows for a variety of problem-solving solutions (from user experience to design processes) and ideation methods (like brainstorm sessions). Customers can bring their strongest ideas to life by engaging the voices and original ideas of focus group participants during each ideation session.

C Space

Real-time Truth Drives Innovation

C Space was looking to conduct an effective two-day innovation sprint with one of their global clients, a major personal care products manufacturer. C Space needed a way to create a methodology for ideating possible new products that would swiftly deliver actionable results.


  • Accelerated Decision Making

  • Identified Key Insights

  • Selected Concepts for Market

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“Over the past 40 years, we’ve conducted thousands of traditional focus groups and quantitative surveys.  We now offer our clients this wonderful hybrid research tool, that fuses together quantitative and qualitative objectives, and delivers immediate insights and findings that are actionable.  Remesh is our ‘go-to’ platform for conducting these incredible online focus groups.”

Stephen Ribner, CEO Fact Finders Inc.

Use Case

Messaging Testing

Our customers use Remesh as an online focus group to ideate and refine marketing messages that resonate with their audience. Whether customers want to A/B test their brand campaigns or revisit target market messaging, our platform accelerates time to insights.


Real-Time Insights That Shape the Consumer Experience

During a Remesh conversation with 200+ super-fans, NASCAR leveraged A.I. to conduct research via livestream and came directly out of the session with insights about their viewers’ values. NASCAR was eager for feedback about how changes to their race structure format, from one race to three stages of races, affected their viewers. They wanted to know how they might enhance their viewer’s experience, and what made participants excited to watch the race.


  • Engaged Consumers

  • Quick Insights

  • Increased Revenue

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